Success awaits those who begin early. There are some who call the process of hard work, strenuous sweating out luck but not Aadil Bedi. Riding on the wave of blooming golf interest in the country as a whole, though all of 9 Years of age, he has set himself a goal of becoming a golfer of reckoning and is willing to give what it takes to become a great golfer be it a target of 10000 hours of golf practice, be it walking seven kilometers as a matter of routine or be it looking like a gypsy in summers because of the tan. He is 4rd class Student of Vivek High School chandigarh. Cold drink and chips was the original attraction to go to CGA where his father used to take him along but very quickly he got attracted to this game. He started hitting balls at the age of 4 with his dad Harry Bedi at Panchkula Golf Club and CGA Golf range Chandigarh with just two clubs. One day when Aadil was playing with his dad, the manager of The Panchkula golf club, Mr. Punia saw Aadil swinging the ball. He got curious and stopped to see the kid hitting the golf ball straight like an arrow with perfect smooth rhythm and instantly asked Aadil’s father to nurture his talent through proper coaching and practice. From then on there was no looking back. His father started working in this direction. Meticulous planning was put into place regarding his practice schedule, his golf kit, his coach, his diet and his psychological build up. Aadil thus started getting training from his father as well his coach. However, given the intricacies of the game coupled with the fact that Aadil was too young to take his own decisions, slowly and steadily, a team to support him has been put into place. As the first recruit of team, his father has been his friend, philosopher and guide. Next came Mr. Jesse Grewal, Aadil’s coach who goes the extra mile to make him a better golfer. Aadil’s practice hours were fixed with the consultation of coach so that discipline, which is the sin qua non of a good player would become a part and parcel of Aadil’s personality. Thereafter, Dr. Satbir Singh, was roped in for advice regarding health and nutrition. On his advice, a physical training programme was chalked out and the services of Mr Sukhwinder Singh, the Physical and Yoga trainer were engaged.

Aadil has already played in more than 30 golf courses and maintains their profile in his diary like a pro. Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger woods are his favourite golfers. He has seen good many DVDs on the rules and history of golf to deepen his knowledge and says that he is fascinated to know more and more about golf rules and golf course construction. “When I will grow up, I will be a very good golfer and will design good golf courses.”